Om oss


Martine is a dog-loving outdoor enthusiast who is inspired by bitter cold, darkness and snowfall. She has been an outdoors person all her life, and grew up with dogs, fishing, skiing, tenting and bonfires on Kvaløya outside Tromsø. In 2016, she moved to Nordland to become a nurse, and she has explored Nordland all over with a total of several hundred nights in a tent. After completing her education, Martine settled down in Valnesfjord with her first Greenland dog, Keenai, wich was the beginning of the dog-sledding adventure.


Henrik is an adventurous dog person with love for forests and frozen lakes. He grew up in Valnesfjord with a Golden retriever and an Alaskan malamute, and has spent a lot of time walking the mountains with his dogs both summer and winter. The interest in dog sledding took shape early on, and Henrik started to follow his dream with two Alaskan huskies. Since then, the dream has only grown, and he is today a very dedicated polar dog owner who puts a lot of time and love into dog training. Henrik also has a lot of local knowledge about Valnesfjord.

The dog team