Terms & conditions dog sledding

It's the costumer's responsibility to read the terms. By booking activities with Nordlipolar you accept the following terms and conditions.

Booking, payments and cancellations

When booking and paying through our booking system payments are refundable until 48 hours before the event. If you cancel later than 48 hours before the booking day, you will get a 50% refund. If you cancel later than 24 hours before the booking date you will get no refund.

If you book dog sledding through e-mail you will get a invoice with payment details or you can pay with Vipps on the entry day. To participate in dog sledding, the order must be paid in full before starting the tour.

We can book bigger groups or events for dog sledding on request. Bigger groups/events must be cancelled 14 days before the date of the event or will be charged 50%. If not cancelled the last 5 days before the booking date, you will be fully charged. Ask us for prices for bigger groups or events.

All cancellations must be sent on e-mail to nordlipolar@outlook.com. The person making the booking is responsible for unpaid invoices related to the activities/tours booked. The customer is responsible for the generated costs by international bank transactions.

Cancellations by Nordlipolar

We will let you know if extremely bad weather conditions or other external factors out of our control requires us to cancel your booking. We will either find a new date as soon as possible or you will be fully refunded.

Travel insurance

We recommend you check that your travel, accident and/or health insurance will cover trip cancellations and extended medical insurance Nordlipolar will not cover such costs. You are responsible for evaluating your own health when participating in our activities, and we want you to inform us if you have medical issues, you think are relevant for us to know. Please contact us if you are unsure or have any questions about health requirements.

Nordlipolar reserves the right to deny customers' participation in activities if we consider it to be necessary for your safety.

Safety, risks and responsibility

Nordlipolar will give you safety and risk information on the arrival day. This includes directions of how to behave and respond when meeting the dogs and dog sledding. We expect you to follow our instructions and ask if anything is unclear. If you don't follow our instructions, we reserve the right to terminate or refuse you the tour for your own safety and that of our dogs. This includes recommandations on clothing as the temperatures can get very cold.

We take your safety seriously and work constantly to reduce risks. We do not take responsibility for injuries, damages or accidents caused by the costumers or factors out of human control.

You accept that there is a risk of accidents, personal injuries or unexpected events when joining an outdoor event with live animals, although we consider the risks as small when following our guide's directions.

You accept that Nordlipolar cannot be made responsible for any personal injuries or damaged equipment sustains during the activity or transportation to or from the activity.

Your health, with any known or unknown illnesses or health conditions, is your responsibility. Nordlipolar cannot be made responsible for any acute onsets or attacks.

You cannot be influenced by alcohol, medications that affect level of consciousness or other intoxicating substances when participating in our activities. 

We carry liability insurance that covers us for unexpected incidents or injuries.